Skinny Pants

11898877_694267727373280_5273858872801242298_nIt seems like suddenly every woman and girl on the street is wearing the same thing: leggings or skinny jeans. Did all females simultaneously decided to make this fashion choice while I wasn’t paying attention?

I knew that leggings and skinny jeans were a thing, but suddenly they are the ONLY thing. I noticed this on a recent trip to New York City. Nearly every woman there was wearing skinny pants of some sort with boots. And now I’m seeing it everywhere… even on older women in my local grocery store. How did this happen?

It’s not that I don’t like this look.  I do. I will be glad to go out and get some comfy leggings and tunic tops.  Being that I have a super long torso I certainly welcome tunics. I am just taken aback by how suddenly and how ubiquitously this fashion trend happened.

Is this what it was like when low-waisted, flat-chested dresses appeared in the 20s?  Mini-skirts in the 60s?  Shoulder pads in the 80s?  Is this the defining look of the Teens?   (Will we call this decade the Teens? )

I have been wondering what would come along to distinguish the teens from the oughts, but I never would have guessed it would be skinny pants.  One of the interesting things about aging  is witnessing the way trends come and go.  And how  trendy things come to seem so normal.

When shoulder pads were a trend, I didn’t realize they were a trend. I liked the way they made you appear less rounded – more tailored.  And I loved wearing long jackets – which were also popular then.  You could hide a lot of flaws with a long jacket and shoulder pads.  I thought that look was here to stay. I thought it would become part of the vernacular of women’s fashion; a classic look.  But instead it became laughable.  Who knew?

I wonder how long this current trend will last.  And what will be next?

3 thoughts on “Skinny Pants

  1. I was sad when bell bottoms went out of fashion. As a person of petite stature, the skirting below the ankle provided an illusion of height (or maybe it was the 4-inch platforms I wore with them). With skinny jeans or pants, the blunt horizontal line of the hem of traditional slacks is tapered off providing a similar slenderizing/ lengthening effect, That works for me. Just have to make sure they’re not unflatteringly tight. .

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  2. I find these skinny pants uncomfortable, especially in stiff denim, though I do like black knit leggings with tunics. Luckily, all sorts of pants are on trend now — including the wide-legged pants. It’s all a matter of what makes you comfy and happy.


  3. Last fall, I bought my first pair of knit leggings and a long sweater, and it became my favorite outfit. Comfy and fashionable. I hope it is a trend that lasts.


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