Not open to the concept

I never seem to get tired of home improvement shows, or shows where people buy new houses.  But one thing I do get tired of is the desire of nearly every person on these shows to want an open concept kitchen. I wonder if these people have ever had an open concept kitchen, or if they desire one only because it sounds good in concept.

great-room-countertops-cleanThese kitchens look great in carefully staged homes. They are spotless. Gleaming.  Gorgeous.  But they make no practical sense in my opinion.

The people who want open concept kitchens must not actually cook much. They must not be the kind of people whose dish drainer frequently gets stacked with pots and pans. The counter next to their sink must not always have a pile of plates and cups waiting to be put into the dishwasher. And their stove top must never be splattered.

The worst open concept kitchen designs are those that feature stoves or sinks on islands. Seriously?  Sinks and stoves should to be located in pleasant places with big sunny windows and decorative touches.  Not out in the middle of the room where they are part of the decor.  They are work areas, similar to tool benches, laundry rooms, or craft areas.

I understand that kitchens have become more than just kitchens. They are now considered the hub of family life. The women on these HDTV shows always say they want to be able to keep an eye on their children while they’re in the kitchen chopping onions or baking pies.

But I doubt that the desire for open concept kitchens really has to do with keeping an eye on children, or being on view while whipping up gourmet meals for guests. I think it is simply a result of desiring what HDTV has deemed desirable. Open concept kitchens have become status symbols for unoriginal people who run with the herd. And it has made home improvement shows boring.

I look forward to a time in the future when these shows feature the building of walls between kitchens and the rest of the house, along with ripping out all the outdated granite counter tops.

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